Refreshing Blue Gel



This azulene gel provides fast relieve to inflamed and irritated skin. Formulated to reduce redness, it is enriched with active ingredients that soothe stressed skin and stimulate the skin’s natural defense mechanism, leaving your skin feeling comfortable, refresh and relaxed.

How to use:

Apply to face in a thick layer, leaving on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off or rinse with lukewarm water and tone up.

Recommended to use 1-2 times a week if the skin is irritated.

A great treatment to use after waxing, acne removing, professional exfoliation and laser.


全方位5步美肌再生系統: 保濕, 滋潤, 復原, 抗敏, 舒緩

特點 : 蘊含豐富藍甘菊, 快速緩解發炎和受刺激肌膚, 天然活性成分令皮膚恢復水潤, 減少紅絲, 紅腫,舒緩皮膚壓力,讓肌膚感覺舒適,清新和放鬆。適用於療程後鎮定肌膚, 家居作凝膠膜恢復保養或當作精華素使用。

主要成分 : 藍甘菊(Azulene), 積雪草, 甘油, β-葡聚醣, 大茴香提取物, 茶葉提取物等
適用皮膚 : 美容療程後 (激光, 彩光, 微針,暗瘡管理等), 脫毛, 去死皮後護理,普通過敏皮膚,毛細血管紅色皮膚。
使用方法 :塗上約2mm的凝膠於臉上,10-15分鐘後, 抹去或用溫水沖洗。