Pure Blue Enzyme Powder Wash



Contains tea tree, papain and a variety of natural ingredients to effectively remove dead skin and excess sebum, anti-inflammatory, moisture control, non-drying, non irritating,fine foam, helps to regain healthy  silky and bright skin.

For all skin types.

Main ingredients:
Tea Tree extract, Cypress extract, Papain, Cinnamon extract, Portulaca extract, Gold extract, Lactobacilus/bean fermentation extract

Facial Cleansing – Take appropriate amount of MESA cleansing powder mixed with warm water in the palm, gently massage until foaming. Apply to face and massage for one minute, rinse with warm water.
Scalp cleansing – Take appropriate amount of MESA cleansing powder mixed with shampoo, gently massage until foaming, then massage the scalp and clean, or prior to use shampoo, cleanse scalp with  MESA cleansing powder directly.
Body Cleansing – Mix appropriate amount of MESA cleansing powder with a shower cleaners in the shower, or use MESA cleansing powder as substitute.
Foot clean – Take appropriate MESA cleansing powder, massage foot and heels, soak in lukewarm water for 5 – 10 minutes and massage softly again to rinse.


蘊含茶樹及木瓜蛋白酶及多種天然成分, 有效去除面上油脂死皮, 抗菌消炎, 令肌膚保持濕潤, 不乾燥, 不刺激。  泡沫輕柔, 8天重拾健康肌膚, 如絲般亮麗。
過敏、暗瘡皮膚、油性, 正常及乾性皮膚等。
面部清潔 – 取適量MESA潔面粉於掌心與溫水混合, 輕揉至起泡。按摩面部一分鐘,以溫水沖洗乾淨。  需要卸妝時, 請重覆上述步驟一次。
頭皮清潔 – 取適量MESA潔面粉與洗髮劑混合,輕揉至起泡, 然後按摩及清潔頭皮。  或在使用洗髮劑前, 直接以MESA潔面粉起泡及清洗秀髮。
身體潔淨 – 取適量MESA潔面粉與淋浴清潔劑混合,起泡及清潔身體各部分。
足部清潔 – 取適量MESA潔面粉,起泡並按摩腳跟和手肘,以溫水沖洗乾淨。