NeoBlock SPF50/PA+++



Neo Block is a sun cream for after beauty treatment such as pilling, laser and IPL. It block 98% of ultraviolet rays and help to counter against free radical. It can block or absorb ultraviolet UVA and UVB to effectively prevent melanoma. With it moisturizing and whitening effect, it is able to control and aid in fading post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). EGF in the sunblock promote skin regeneration and aid in fast recovery of injured skin.

Suitable for daily usage, especially after micro-needle, laser, peeling, and any other beauty treatment.


Apply Neo Block 15-20 minutes before going out. re-apply when necessary.


  1. 能阻隔或吸收紫外綫 UVA和UVB , 有效預防黑色素
  2. 保濕, 美白, 预防在美容療程後的色素沉淀 (PIH)
  3. EGF 作為表皮細胞生長因子促進皮膚再生, 保護皮膚, 快速恢復受損傷肌膚, 對抗自自基等自我因素
  4. 自然調節膚色
  5. 適用於日常家居護理及於微針, 激光, 去死皮等各式療程後使用
  6. KFDA 認証 – 美白防曬產品

主要成分 : EGF, 積雪草, 氨基酸,  海藻糖,煙酰胺,生化肽,神經酰胺,海藻糖

適用皮膚類型 : 所有肌膚, 敏感性肌膚適用

用法: 出外前15-20分鐘塗上防曬霜。需要時, 重新使用。