Longevity Cream

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Face cream that revolutionises the field of anti-ageing cosmetics. With its state-of-the-art formula, it acts by improving the environment of the skin’s stem cells. Recommended as an anti-ageing treatment for mature skin and as a preventive treatment for younger skin. Perfect for both men and women, skin is moisturised without shine. Contains SPF 15 UVB/UVA. The result is that skin is firmer, more radiant and with considerably reduced expression lines. A uniform skin tone and anti-ageing effect overall.


– Important improvement of the skin texture after 15 days of application.
– Positive results in 87% regarding wrinkles diminish.
– 100% of the volunteers states that the skin is moisturized and has less wrinkles after having done the LONGEVITY program.
– All the volunteers highlight the organoleptic qualities properties of all LONGEVITY products.


Apply it every morning and evening on the face, neck and bosom.



特點 : 採用歐洲高端細胞再生複合技術,激活皮膚的自我更新能力, 延緩皮膚過早老化, 讓你的肌膚看起來更年輕。含防晒SPF15, 保護肌膚阻隔或吸收紫外 UVAUVB


主要成分 : 蘊含豐富低分子, 更易被皮膚吸收, 改善細胞功能, 延缓衰老, 促進血液循環, 並結合其他強效活性成分如穩定的維生素C, 增強膠原蛋白合成,抗氧化並均勻膚色;  酵母提取物, 改善細胞氧化抑制, 及低分子量透明質酸, 維持皮膚的最佳濕度水平。




使用方法 : 每天早晚潔臉後, 塗上爽膚水和 Longevity精華露後, 取適量Longevity面霜塗抹於臉部,頸部和胸部。  建議配合Longevity精華露和面霜一同使用, 以收最佳效果。


生產地:  西班牙製造