Chamomile Cleansing Foam



Containing chamomile flower extract, this cleansing foam keeps your skin hydrated after washing. Long known for its soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, Chamomile is the perfect ingredient for use for your skin care. Contains herbal ingredients, this non-drying cleanser is able to maintain skin hydration after washing.


Wet face and apply cleanser with fingertips, massaging gently using a circling motion, and avoiding contact with eye area. Rinse thoroughly. Pat skin dry and tone the skin with tonic.

Tip: To get more luxuriant bubbles, use the bubble net or the brush.


特點 : 洋甘菊自古就被公認為對肌膚具有良好舒緩,鎮靜和抗炎之功效。 洋甘菊是護理肌膚之不二之選。

Mizarru 洋甘菊潔面泡沫, 泡沫豐盈, 有效去除雜質及彩妝, 洗滌並舒緩皮膚, 更為肌膚補充水分。天然草本保濕成分, 快速安撫發紅, 易癢肌膚, 抗氧滋潤。

主要成分 : 洋甘菊提取物, 茶樹提取物,甘草提取物,肉荳蔻提取物等。

適用皮膚 : 所有肌膚, 敏感或受困擾肌膚, 暗瘡, 炎症, 輕微細小傷痕等。

使用方法 : 與清水混合, 輕揉搓出豐富泡沫後, 在臉部如按摩般擦拭, 再用溫水沖洗, 印乾及拍上化妝水。

小提示: 可使用潔臉網或刷子令泡沫更豐富, 以達至更佳效果。