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Blomstra Limited is a Hong Kong company that offer medical cosmetics and natural products to individuals who appreciate the importance of quality skin care. Our products are used by many people to maintain general skin health, sooth troubled skin, control acne, and help with their aging skin. Blomstra Limited is able to offers an array of products for all of your needs.

Our brands includes Mediblock, Mizarru, Benia and Mesa are capable to fulfill all our customers’ needs for beauty and skin care.

All products are developed by qualified cosmetologist and dermatologist and are clinically tested. They are all manufactured in South Korea.

Mediblock, and Mesa are based on Core technology from Korean Research and Development Laboratory which include:-

  1. Nano and Micro Multi-Liposome
  2. Pholyphenol
  3. 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor
  4. Micro Serum Coating Formula

Our core products include: –

Basic Care cleansing, washing, Tones, Emulsion, Mask
Support Care Serum, Essence, Ampoules
Aromatherapy Pure Essential oil, Hydrosol, Base oil



玲毅致力為注重皮膚健康質素及追求綠色生活的人仕提供一系列貼心貼身的優質醫用化及天然護膚用品。我們的產品着重天然, 每一件產品推出之前必須經過測檢和試用。多元化的產品廣泛地照顧到不同肌膚及年齡層的需要。

我們旗下的品牌包括 Mediblock (玫麗奧), Mesa, Benia 和 Mizarru, 各類產品皆 能滿足客戶對健與美的需求。

Mediblock, 和 Mesa 是來自韓國當地的著名品牌, 他們經多年來的專注和研究, 成功的開發出以下的核心技術: –

  1. 納米和微多脂質體
  2. Pholyphenol
  3. 5 -α還原酶抑製劑
  4. 納米脂質體膠囊

我們的主要產品包括: –

基本護理 清潔,洗滌,乳液,面膜
强化後續護理 精華液,安瓿
芳香療法 精油,純露,基礎油